DP10/sledtest 10 6/4-2024 Koppången

Olof with Pältsa with a time 01:06:41 and best samoyed team of 10 teams and good job with the heavy trails after so much new snow. Well done.

DP10/sledtest 10 14/2-2024 Furudal

Izzie 52,44 Passed test

Sledtest 60 - 2x34km 12/2-13/2-2024

Angelica with Elli, Vilda, Pilvi, Izzie and Tatiyana won with the best time 05:35: 58 and passed sledtest 60 so Izzie now got the title PDP. 

Jesper with Yumi, Dot, Minja, Brynolf and Yrja had 5:th best time on 06:38:29 and passed sledtest 60. Minja now got the title PDP.

Michael with among other. Nasti oand Qaxi fgot 3:rd best time and passed sledtest 60.

Olof went with pulka with Qanuk and Pälts and they did well even the weather wasn´t helping the skiers so no pased test today but very well done. 

Nordic Championship 9/2-10/2 with sledtest 20+

Linda with Elli, Vilda, Izzie and Pilvi Gold in 4 dog class and best time of all teams. 
Passed sledtest 20+
Time for 2 days on 2x12km: 01:34:03
Vilda and Pilvi become new swedish sledchampions - SE(POLAR)CH

Jesper with Yumi, Dot, Minja and Brynolf(Ryno) 3:rd best 4 dog team with time 01: 41:23 and passed sledtest 20+

Robert with among other Naska and Bialka /th place in 4 dog team class. 

Linn with Pältsa and Qanuk 2nd best time in pulkaclass and passed sledtest 20+ for 2:nd price and Qanuk got the title PDP.

Michael with among other Nasti and Qaxi gt the 2nd best time in the 6 dog class and passed sledtest 20+

DP10/sledtest 10 8/2-2024

Pilvi 45,02 Passed test
Vilda 52,00 Passed test
Dot 52,06 Passed test and new swedeish sledchampion -  SE(POLAR)CH
Qaxi 1,08,35 not passed test

SPHK Show in Eskilstuna 14/10-2023

Hotchi best male puppy 6-9 months
Vilda 2nd best working female with excellent
Yumi 4th best working female with very good

SPHK Show in Tånga hed 23/9-2023

Vilda excellent 1bkk CC 3rd best female CAC
BOB working BIS 2 Working

SPHK show in Ånnaboda 18/5-2023

Vilda excellent working class 2bkk
Aneira 13 years excellent veteranclass 2vkk

SPHK Show in Orsa 2/4-2023

Brynolf - Excellet working class 2bkk CC 4th best male R-Cac

Koppången DP10 1/4-2023

Nasti passed DP10 and are now swedish polardog champion. 
Qaxi also started but didn´t pass this time, but well done. 


Phiri was on a dogshow and started DP10. He had a good on the show and just missed the test with a couple of minutes. Phiri likes people next to the tracks and also some femles little to much. But they did well and missed just a little so next time you will make it. Well done!

DP60 in Hamra - 2x33,2km

Fredrik won with the totaltime 05:15:09 and in the team was Elli, Vilda, Pilvi, Dot, Bixie,Yumi, Tatiyana and Enyi but she was not in the team the second day. 

Michael Berglöf was number 2 and in the team was Qaxi, Nasti andTemudjin from us and the rest in the team was kids to a snötroll. 

On the 7th place come André and in his team was Qiyo and he was leaddog in the team.


Brynolf ( Erori Ryno) passed one more sledtest 10 with his owner Jesper. 

11-12/2-2023 Nordiska Mästerskapen i drag i Hamra

Fredrik took GOLD with Elli, Yumi, Vilda and Pilvi in 4 dog team and Linda took silver in 6dog team with Enyi, Dot, Bixie, Yana, Qluri and Brynolf.

The winner in pulka class was Olof Snöström with Pältsa and the silver went to Linn Snöström with Qanuk.

In the silverteam of 4 dog team was Temudjin and Qaxi together with 2 kids to Teo and Nasti and the musher was Michael Berglöf

In third place in 4 dog team was Tikaani with two of her kids together with musher Birger Voigt

In third place in 6 dog team was  Nasti, Yrja and Buffy together with 2 kids to Teo and Nasti and one kid from Yrja and the musher was Monika Berglöf.

On the 6th place in 4 dog team was Robert with Naska, Bialka and Bialkas son. 

In the winning 6 dog team was 6 kids to Zeke ( Eira Tano) together with musher Lasse Gradin.

10/2-2023 Show in Furudal

Minja excellent 2 junkl kk CC
Pilvi Excellent 1 bkk CC CAC and new swedish show champion -SE UCH

5/2-2023 Piteå

Brynolf- Snötrollens Erori Ryno started DP10 and they did great and passed sledtest 10 on the time 51 minutes and 3:rd best time of all starts. 

                          21/22/1-2023 Koppången

Brynolf- Snötrollens Erori Ryno started in DP10, but it was tough tracks so they didn´t make the time but they did a really great job!
Picture to the left.

Michael Berglöf started in DP60 and in the team was Qaxi, Nasti and Temudjin and the other friends in the team was puppies to at least one snötroll. They did great and got a passed test. Congratulations!

SPHK show in Eskilstuna 8/10-2022

Pilvi excellent CC CAC
Pixie 4number 4 in openclass
Minja HP BOS Puppy
Milos HP BOB Puppy and BIS Puppy

The swedish dryland championship 7-8/10-2022

Olof run with Qanuk and come on 5th place
Linn run with Pälsta and come on 9th place. 

Well done and congratlations to all of you. 

SKK show in Askersund 15/8-2022
Pilvi excellent 1 bkk CC 3rd best female CAC

Sulviken 12-13/2-2022

Fredrik went with Elli, Enyi, Yumi, Bixie, Dot, Qluri, Vilda and Pilvi and passed the sledtest 60 so now Qluri, Vilda and Pilvi have finished their first workingtests. DThey ahd the second best time of the samoyeds. 

Michael Berglöf went with 7 snötroll in his team. He borrowed Tatiyana from us and the he had Temudjin, Yrja, Buffy, Nasti and Qaxi. Yrjas daughter was also in the team. They also passed the sledtest 60 and had the best time of the samoyeds. Congratulations Micke. 

Qiyo Went with his dutch friends in the team and owner André and they had a great 4 place. 

Qanuk and Pältsawent on skies with owner Linn Snöström and was number 2 in the pulkaclass and the best samoyed team with pulka.  

Well doneall of you!!

Sulviken 11/2-2022

Michael Berglöf went with Qaxi on sledtest 10 and ended up on third place of all teams. No team passed the test on this hard trails.