Åsarna 26-27/1 2019 Championship for polardogs


Fredrik win and in the team was Enyi, Yumi, Bixie, Dot, Enola and Tamika.

Linda was second, only 54 seconds after Fredrik and in the team was Elli, Aneira, Tatiyana and Soraya. And also Nikita from our breeding and Apasche - halfsister to Nikita that we borrowed from Camilla.


Michael Berglöf was number three and in the team was Teo, Temudjin, Buffy, Nasti and Yrja from our breeding.


This three teams passed sledtest 20+ and after that Bixie, Buffy, Dot, Nasti and Nikita get the title PDP. We also got two new polarchampions on Yrja and Yumi. Hurray!

Competition in Saignelégier, Schwitzerland 26-27/1 2x12km


Winner Katja with Bajka in the team.


Place 3 José with Everest and Tigrou in the team.


Well done and congratulations. .

Hamra 20/1 2019 DP10


Buffy 0:56:38 Passed sledtest

Dot 1:06:18

Yrja - avbryter


Hamra 21/1 2019 DP10


Bixie 0:49:01 Passed sledtest

Nasti 1:24:05

Yrja 0:53:42 Passed sledtest

Yumi 0:53:22 Passed sledtest

Hamra 18-19/1 2019 DP60


Fredrik started on DP60 on 2x30,4km and in the team was Elli, Enyi, Aneira, Tamika, Tatiyana, Yumi, Bixie and Dot and he won his class.


Michael Berglöf was number two and in his team was Teodor, Temudjin, Yrja, Buffy and Nasti from our breeding.


Also Camilla was here and she had Nikita from our breeding in her team and they also passed sledtest 60.

SPHK show in Eskilstuna 6/10-18



HP BOB Puppy BIS Puppy



2:nd best female puppy 4-6 months.



3:rd best female puppy 4-6 months.


BOB and BIS breederclass puppy with mother Enola


BOB and BIS breederclass puppy



1 bkl 1bkk Cc 1 bhkl CAC BOB Bos working BIS 2



1 bkl 2bkk Cc R-CAC



vg ökl



1 ukl

1 ukk Cc 1btkl BOS



1 ukl 2ukk Cc



1ukl 3ukk Cc


Luna/ Bellini

1ukl 4 ukk






vg ukl



1bkl 2bkk



1 chkl 1chkk Cc 2 btkl BOB working BIS 2 Working


2:nd best breederclass with 4 different combination

SPHK Show in Tånga hed 1/9-2018



BOB puppy 2 BIS Puppy

(picture to the right. Photo: Ylwa Malmberg)



2:nd best female puppy



Excellent Cc 2:nd best female CAC

( picture to the right)



Excellent Cc 3:rd best female R-CAC

Nordic championship DP60


Monday and Tuesday 12-13/2-2018 2x34km


Fredrik went with 6 dogs- Elli, Enola, Tatiyana, Tamika, Aneira and Yumi and they win on the time: 05:46:36


Enyi went in Michael Berglöf´s team as a leaddog and they ended up as number 3 on the time: 06:14:36 and in the team went some more snötroll and that was Snötrollens Isita Yrja, Snötrollens Eira Teodor and Temudjin.


You can see the results from the competition here >>


Nordic Championship DP20+


Saturday and sunday 10-11/2-2018 2x12km


Linda went in the 6 dog class with Soraya, Sorba, Tatiyana, Enola, Enyi and the borowed dog Serac- thanks for that Christer and Camilla. Linda won Gold and got the best total time of all teams in the competition. The total time was : 01:34:44


Fredrik went in the 4 dog class with Elli, Tamika, Yumi and Aneira and they won gold and after that Yumi passed for the title PDP. The total time was 01:35:16


Michael Berglöf went in the 4 dog class with some Snötroll – Yrja, Teodor and Temudjin and they got a bronze medal and after that Yrja passed for the title PDP. The total time was: 01:44:41



Birger Voigt went in the 4 dog class with some Snötroll – Tikaani and Freyia and they got a great place on the total time: 01:55:05



You can see the results from the competition here >>



Show friday 9/2-2018

Judge: Annica Uppström


Freyia – excellent workingclass best workingclass female Cc3:rd best female CAC

Yaisa – excellent youthclass best female in youthclass Cc 4:th best female BOS youngster


Teodor – excellent workingclass second best working male

Yumi - very good youthclass

Akim ( Aniuks son ) excellent working class, best working class male Cc 3.rd best male CAC


Breedingclass with honorprice


Hamra 19-20/1-2018


Fredrik started in DP60 on 2x30,5km and he started with Elli, Enola, Aneira, Tamika, Tatiyana and Yumi and he won his class and he also had the fastes time of everybody.

It was very heavt trakc because of all the snow that fall down (40cm) just before the race, but the dogs did great.


Enyi started together with Michael Berglöf and in the team was also Teo, Temudjin and Yrja from our breed. He did great and became number 3 in the race.


Sara was also started in hamra and she started together with Eluk and Teyla. They did a really great job on skies and with pulka so it was not easy in this tracks. Well done Sara.


On Sunday 21/1 Sara started on DP10 with Eluk but it was still very heavy tracks. They did a great job but missed the time with a couple of minuts. Well done anyway Sara.


Photo: Nicole Fhors

Mother Enola with her puppies Qluri, Qaxi and Qanuk.

BOB Snötrollens Yuki Eluk BOS Snötrollens Tresna Nikita

Tatiyana with handler Karin. BIS 2 working.

Fredrik before the start at DP60. Fredrik wnet in blue and yellow this time...