Vedja Torpet Dwight Yoakan






Vattnadals Jehu


Amikda´s Dazzling Rainbow In White








Hyttmyrans Jamarof Jole Sazhow



NORD VV-11 SE UCH Vattnadals Jezzamyn


PDP Snötrollens Isita Yumi



Vattnadals Jaleesa








PDP SE(POLAR)CH NO TCH Little Rocky´s Dennis




Snörollens Geardni Aniuk



PDP SE (POLAR)CH Snötrollens Yuki Enyi


PDP SE(POLAR)CH SE UCH Snötrollens Oppas Kiska








LP1 LP2 LP3 PDP VDHJRW-2006 VDH CH Nimbly Ca-Pa Beautiful of Whiteline




Snörollens Nimbly Soraya






Sun Master´s Spring Dream

LP1-2-3 is longdistance titles in Germany

VDH is showtitles in Germany

VDH CH is German show champion.

Race results

2x passed sledtest 60

1x passed sledtest DP20+


Passed PDP title


Gold on the Nordic Championship 2018




Yumi has been on races in 2018


Show results

1x BIS 3 Puppy

2xBOB Puppy


Yumis Gallery

Yumi soon 2 years.

Yumi in full speed and Tamika after her.

Yumi 1 year

Yumi trotting in the ring.

Photo: Michael Berglöf.

Yumi after Tånga hed, BOB Puppy and BIS 3 Puppy.

Yumi running in the forest.

Yumi 15,5 weeks.

Yumi 10 weeks

Yumi dec 2017

Yumi in full speed and Tamika after her.

Headpicture of Yumi 1 year.

Yumi in the puppy final in Tånga hed. Photo: Marita Åhl

Yumi about 5 months old.

Yumi in the forest, 4 months old.

Yumi 15,5 weeks.

Yumi 8 weeks in full speed.

General info about Yumi

Yumi or Hulkan that she also was called beacuse she was so green when she was born, but now we only call her Yumi.

Yumi is from Enyis first litter and she is grandchild to our very good leaddog Soraya.


Yumi likes to go in the lead of the team and she showed that very early, she can also be on other poctions and works very good on all places.

In 2018 she was on her first sledding competitions and she won first in Hamra and then as a leaddog of the winning team on the Nordic Championship together with Elli. After this she has passed the title PDP.