Tatiyana engelska


PDP SE (POLAR)CH Troms Jalmal


Jalmals Hanovsky

PDP SE(POLAR)CH Samospeed´s Aigisthos

PDP SE UCH Jalmals Filliminka

Zyklonens Blues Brother


Nikz Blues ´Candle Lights


Snötrollens Eira Tatiyana

PDP Nordvikens Katja- Demina

LP1 LP2 LP3 Frosty Blizzard Beautiful of Whiteline

LP1 LP2 LP3 PDP VDHJRW-2006 VDH CH Nimbly Ca-Pa Beautiful of Whiteline 

PDP SE (POLAR)CH SEUCH Snötrollens Nimbly Sorba

LP1 LP2 LP3 VDH-Europasgr-05 PDP Kriskellas Cheyenne of Whiteline


Nordvikens Nansen Na Zbloto


Sun Master´s Spring Dream

PDP Sun Master´s Kirin-Ice

LP1-2-3 is longdistance titles in Germany

VDH is showtitles in Germany

VDH CH is German show champion.

Race results



6x passed sledtest 60

6x passed sledtest 20+

1xpassed sledtest 10

Passed PDP title

SE (POLAR)CH - Swedish sledchampion.

Gold on the Nordic Championship 2017, 2018 and 2019

Silver medal on Nordic Championship 2016

Silver Championship for polardogs 2019

Bronze on the Championship for polardogs 2016

Tatiyana has been on races in 2016-2019

Show results

1xSE UCH - Swedish show champion


3x CAC

4x best female places

1x BIS 2 working

2x BOB working

1xBOS Working

1x BIS 4 working


2x HP as a puppy

Titles for the Year

The sleddog of the year 2018 Number 5

The Samoyed of the year 2016 Number 3

The Samoyed of the year 2017 Number 8

The Samoyed of the year 2018 Number 1

The showsamoyed of the year 2016- female number 8

Tatiyanas Gallery

Tatiyana 5 år

Tatiyana and Bixie are playing, feb 2019.

Bixie and Tatiyana in the lead of the team in Överhogdal, feb 2019

Tatiyana in Hamra, mars 2018

Tatiyana BOS and CAC in Tånga hed september 2016

Photo: Michael berglöf

Tatiyana 2,5 years.

Headpicture of Tatiyana 2 years old.

Photo: Camilla Nyström

Tatiyana 17 months old

Tatiyana 7,5 months.

Tatiyana playing in the water in the pool, july 2014

Tatiyana 11 weeks.

Tatiyana 5 år

Tatiyana feb 2019

Tatiyana and sister Tamika in the lead of the team on Dp60 in Furudal, feb 2019.

Photo: Camilla Nyström

Tatiyana mars 2018

Tatiyana afterTånga hed in september 2016. Cac and BOS.

Tatiyana 2 years old, Vaggeryd april 2016

Photo: Camilla Nyström

Tatiyana and Enola after the race in sledtest 60. They look so happy after running very well.

Photo: Camilla Nyström

Tatiyana almost 1 year old.

Tatiyana playing ...

Tatiyana in full speed, 3 months old.

Tatiyana 6 weeks in the sandpit.

Tatiyanas offsprings


Tatiyana has one litter here at our kennel together withVarg - Little Rocky´s Varg. They are born 28/3-2017 and it was 2 males and 4 females in the litter. Bixie is still here at the kennel. If you want to see more pictures and general info about the litter look under earlier litters - Chiquita.

General info about Tatiyana


Tatiyana is from Sorbas second litter and stayed her together with her sister Tamika. As small puppies both Tamika and Tatiyana showed a lot of energy and we had to keep them both.

It will be very intresting to follow them in the future. 

2016 she was starting on a race for the first time and she took a bronze on the championship for polardogs together with 4 sibblings and her mother. Then she was a part of the team that took silver on the nordish championship. She was also leaddog in the team the first day on the championship for polardogs. Then she was leaddog with her sister in a new mushers - Micke´s team on the race in Hamra over 2x31km and she did over 20 passing on that race. We are so pleased over Tatiyana and we are looking forward to follow her.. In january 2017 she took the last that was needed for the title Swedish sledchampion.

On the Nordic Championship 2017 she was leaddog together with Soraya. 2018 and 2019 was Tatiyana a part of the winning team of the Nordic Championship.