Kiska engelska





CH Tundra Wind´s Storm´s

A-Bruin WSXM



NLCH Tundra Wind´s Baruff Of Taigaro





Abakan-Tundra Wind´s Carved in Ivory WSX


PDP SE (POLAR)CH Polarullens Alyosha Maksim






PDP SE (POLAR)CH SEUCH Nordvikens Karelin Kaznan-Karu



SE (POLAR)CH PDP Katja Av Jeni-Jamal






PDP SE (POLAR)CH SE UCH Snötrollens Oppas Kiska







USCH Kriskellas Turns To Gold




Nordvikens Nansen Na Zbloto





PDP SE (POLAR)CH NOTCH Nordvikens Larizza Demina



Sun Master´s Spring Dream









PDP Sun Master´s Kirin-Ice





NO UCH SE UCH Sun Master´s Chaleena

Race results

8x Passed Sledtest B

10 x Passed sleddogstest 2

1 x Passed Sledtest A

1x trekkehundscert


Passed title PDP


SE (POLAR)CH - Swedish sledchampion.


Winner championship for polardogs 2010


Brons in Nordic championship 2010


Winner Norway championship 2010


Clubwinner 2011



Kiska has been on races in 2007 and 2008 and 2010-2011

Show results


Swedish Showchampion - SE UCH

2 x BOB

1 x BOS

3 x Cac

1 x Cacib

1x Reserv Cacib

11 x Cc

7x best female place

1 x BOB Working

2 x BOS Working

1 x BIS 4

1 x BIS 2 Working

2x BOB Veteran

2x BIS 3 Veteran


4x Bob puppy

1x Bos puppy


Titles for the year

The Samoyed of the year 2007 Number 4

The Samoyed of the year 2008 Number 4

The Samoyed of the year 2011 Number 3


The sleddog of the year 2010 Number 5

The sleddog of the year 2011 Number 5


The veteran of the year 2015 number 5





Kiskas Gallery

Kiska is playing with the ball in the snow, january 2016.

Kiska december 2013

Kiska 7,5 years old.

Kiska new swedish showchampion aug 2012.

Kiska is sleeping on the stake-out, waiting for her friends to come back. Lomsjöhed 2012

Photo: Pernilla Wickström Osietzki

Kiska jan 2012, soon 7 years old.

Kiska BOB Simmatorp, sept 2011

Kiska 6 year, april 2011

Kiska september 2007

Kiska in the nature spring 2007.

Kiska 1 year.

Full speed.

Kiska wondering what is happening inside.

Kiska enjoy the snow and she has also her ball to chew on, great!

Kiska Swedish showchampion - SE UCH.

Kiska in Eskilstuna after she became showchampion.

Photo: Ylwa Malmberg

Kiska april 2012

Kiska soon 7 years old, jan 2012

Kiska Best in Show 2 working, september 2011.

Kiska 6,5 years old.

Kiska nov 2010

Kiska june 2007

Kiska 18 months.

Kiska 6 months.

Kiska 3 months.

Kiska 050610.

Kiskas offsprings


Kiska has one litter with PDP SE (POLAR)CH Cassamiras Mimas Av Saturnus. They were born 14/2-2009 at our kennel. It was 5 males and 2 bitches. To see pictures and general info about the litter click at Earlier litters - Ceavvi.


Kiska also has one litter with PDP SE (POLAR)CH NO TCH Little Rocky´s Dennis. They are born 29/4-2010 at our kennel. It was 4 males and 1 female. Two of them, one girl- Aneira and one boy Aniuk has stayed here at Snötrollens. To see pictures and general info about the litter click at Earlier litters - Geardni.


General info about Kiska


Kiska is from our first litter here at Snötrollens. She stayed here with her brother Kerak.

In sledding she goes on all positione except lead. She have gotten the title PDP during her first races and became swedish sledding champion 2008- SE (POLAR)CH.


In 2012 she also became swedish showchampion - SE UCH.


She is a very cute bitch who loves to lay in the knee and be cuddled. But she also loves to work.

She has a very good trott and can go for a long long time.


Kiska was number 4 2007 and 2008 in the competition of The samoyed of the year.

She got many Cc on shows and one CAC and BOS too.