Enyi engelska





Petschora's Freundlicher Felix




Little Rocky´s Dennis




Snötrollens Geardni Aniuk


PDP Little Rocky´s Annabell








PDP SE (POLAR)CH Polarullens Alyosha Maksim




Snötrollens Oppas Kiska



Snötrollens Yuki Enyi




Sun Master´s Spring Dream








LP1 LP2 LP3 Frosty Blizzard Beautiful of Whiteline



LP1 LP2 LP3 PDP VDHJRW-2006 VDH CH Nimbly Ca-Pa Beautiful of Whiteline



PDP SE (POLAR)CH SEUCH Snötrollens Nimbly Soraya


LP1 LP2 LP3 VDH-Europasgr-05 PDP Kriskellas Cheyenne of Whiteline









Nordvikens Nansen Na Zbloto




Sun Master´s Spring Dream





PDP Sun Master´s Kirin-Ice

LP1-2-3 is longdistance titles in Germany

VDH is showtitles in Germany

VDH CH is German show champion.


Race results


9x passed sledtest 60

7x passed sledtest 20+

1x passed sledtest 10


Passed title PDP


SE (POLAR)CH - Swedish sledchampion


GOLD Championship for polardogs 2015, 2016 and 2019


GOLD Nordic Championship 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018




Enyi has been on races in 2015-2019


Show results




1 xBest female places

1x R-CAC


1xBOB Puppy




Titles for the Year


The sleddog of the year 2015 Number 2

The sleddog of the year 2016 Number 2

The sleddog of the year 2017 Number 4


The samoyed of the year 2015 Number 1

Enyis Gallery

Enyi in Lomsjöhed, mars 2018

Enyi found a very good place to stay after the training and she wanted to stay there for a long time...

Enyi 2 years

Enyi 20 months.

Enyi 14 months old.

Enyi 8,5 months old.

Headpicture of Enyi 7 months old.

Headpicture of Enyi 5 months old.

Photo: Anna Palmblad

Enyi is playing in the bushes, dec 2013

Headpicture of Enyi 3,5 months old.

Enyi dec 2017

Enyi in the singlelead for the team on a sleddingtour in january 2016. The picture is taken from another team in the speed..

Enyi 2 years

Enyi in Furudal, feb 2015

Enyi in full speed. 1 year old.

Photo: Benita Hörberg.

Enyi in april 2014, she tries to come as near the puppies that she can. She is just waiting for the puppies, she wants to be with them..

Enyi around 5 months old.

Photo: Anna Palmblad

In the mittle of the jump.

Photo: Anna Palmblad

Enyi soon 3,5 months old.

Enyi soon 12 weeks old.

Enyis offsprings

Enyi has one litter here at our kennel together withTintin- Vattnadals Jehu. They are born 23/3-2016 and it was 1 male and 4 females in the litter. Yumi is still here at the kennel. If you want to see more pictures and general info about the litter look under earlier litters - Isita.


General info about Enyi


Enyi is one of the puppies that stayed here after the combination Soraya and Aniuk. She stayed here together with her sister Enola. Its two sister with lots of speed and they love to play and to run. It will be very funny to follow them in the future.

In 2014 her sister Elli come back home and all Three of the are great working dogs and leaddogs. So we are looking forward to work more with them in the future.

In 2015 Enyi started on her first races and what a start. She took gold on the Championship for polardogs and on the Nordic Championship. She was in the lead on both competitions. Ont he first with her sister Elli and on the second with her mother Soraya. She also passed for the title PDP.

Enyi is an fantastic leaddog and she loves to run fast and she doesn´t want anybody to run faster then her...

At home she is a very calm female that loves to be petted and never say anything bad to the older dogs. But when the harness comes she will show everybody who is in charge. She is in a hurry when it comes to run and when she run you can see it on her - she just loves it.

2016 she was a part of the winning team both on the nordic championship and on the championship for polardogs. She also passed several tests and can now be called swedish sledchampion - SE(POLAR)CH. In 2017 she was in the winning team for the Nordic Championship. 2018 she was leaddog together with her mother in the winning team of the Nordic Championship.


Enyi is an very good working dog and she loves to run and to run fast and to be number one. She is very much like her mother..